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Richard Godden, Voice Actor

The voice of your favourite family doctor (who might secretly be a wizard)

Thank you for visiting!  I am a Scottish male voice actor, covering pretty much all the usual categories of voice acting, including corporate, commercial, e-learning, narration, and audiobooks. 

I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and worked there for thirty years as a court lawyer.  However, my real passion was always the stage, and I spent my spare time appearing in countless theatre productions, where I tended to get cast as darkly comic characters, including Salieri in Amadeus, Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Richard III in - of course - Richard III.  Eventually I hung up the wig and gown, and began a second career as a Voice Over artist. 

My voice is British/Scottish with a distinctive Edinburgh accent.  It is warm, clear, professional, and trustworthy.  It has also been described as beguiling, bewitching, devilish, eerie, enchanting, fiendish, flirtatious, frolicsome, haunting, hypnotic, impish, luscious, melodious, mischievous, otherworldly, raspy, refined, rich, sentimental, sly, velvety, wicked, wistful, and wry!

So in the more factual areas of commercial and narrative work, where clarity, warmth, and trustworthiness are principally needed, I can deliver that.  In more imaginative areas, such as castle and stately home tours, or nature or space exploration documentaries, where a more emotional response is wanted from the listener and a sense of wonder or mystery engendered, I would be an ideal choice also.

​My legal training also makes me a good choice for law related narrations, since I am highly familiar with legal terminology and concepts.

If this is what you are looking for, please click on "audio clips" in the menu above, and if you like what you hear, get in touch!

I have my own home studio.

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