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Halloween Horrors from Dice Company

In my last blog I talked about how getting out there and meeting people tends to cause things to happen, and how my membership of the Ringside Theatre Company led to my sending a video in to the World Monologue Games. So, when it was picked to go forward to the Regional Finals, I did what any suitably shy and retiring person would do, i.e., I posted it to Facebook, Twitter, What's App, Linked In, etc., and asked everybody to watch the actual World Monologue Games show when it premieres on 28th October 2023. The next thing I knew, I was being contacted by Thomas Patrick, who runs Dice Company. Dice Company produces darkly hilarious weekly podcasts where a group of old friends play Dungeons and Dragons, skilfully conjuring up two worlds simultaneously - the mysterious and threatening fantasy world of Elestia, and the irreverent and slightly surreal repartee of the players in the real world as they pop in and out of character.

Tom was planning a special extra creepy Halloween edition, and wanted to know if I was interested in being the narrator. Was I interested? I could hardly wait!

And how had this come about? I'll have to declare a connection. Two of the old friends appearing in the podcast are in fact my nephews (well, it runs in the family). They'd watched the monologue on Facebook, liked it, shown it to Tom, and the rest flowed from there.

Anyway, if you like Halloween scares and want to hear me narrate in my best Boris Karloff style, check out the one-minute trailer for the Halloween edition below. And if you like your black comedy mixed with Dungeons and Dragons thrills, you can hear all twelve of the episodes broadcast so far on, or on the Podbean app. Roll your inner 20-sided dice!

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