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Don't Miss The World Monologue Games!

Getting noticed as an actor or voice actor is hard. You may be the next Ian McKellen and in an ideal universe your massive abilities would have the world beating a path to your door without any effort on your part. Unfortunately the truth is that sitting around waiting for the phone to ring only leads to more sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

So you really have to get out there. Social media is OK, but really there's no substitute for telling everyone you get into conversation with what you do (just in a chatty way of course, no hard selling and producing business cards, unless you don't want to be in many more conversations). Join local groups, go to shows, and chat to people. You never know what it might lead to.

By way of example, one of the local theatre groups I belong to is Ringside Theatre Company (check out their website on, they've just won huge praise and awards for their shows at the Gozo Festival), and one evening there I was told about the World Monologue Games. World Monologue Games is a global acting competition and virtual showcase which started during the cultural desert of lockdown, and has been going ever since. Every year hundreds of professional and amateur actors record strictly time limited monologues from anywhere in the world, and send them in. The best are then chosen by the WMG judges for the Regional Finals, which are broadcast on YouTube in October and early November. The public votes, and there is a Global Final broadcast about a month later.

I thought this sounded like fun, so, as a lover of black comedy, I sent in the 2.5 minute video which you can watch by clicking below. You can imagine my surprise and delight when my performance was chosen to be included in the Regional Finals. If you're interested, I'd love it if you could watch the Main Amateur Europe & Africa show on 28th October 2023, and the link to click is I'll be doing the same monologue again, in a new and never-before-seen performance (yes, wow.) And you'll be able to see the monologues from all the amazing performers who were also chosen for the show.

Of course, my little effort may vanish without trace - it will be down to the public and the judges. But the video below has already had some consequences for me, which I'll tell you all about in my next blog ... (suspenseful music...)

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