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Message in the Ruins

It's been great over the last few months to be an occasional part of the Dice Company podcast team. Every week Dice Company produces a new chapter of the ongoing adventures of Vander Finnick, Augustus Zeno, Bennie Quez, and the robot Tock. It's Dungeons and Dragons, but like you've never heard before - it's witty, surreal, and hilarious, but taken just seriously enough to make you care about this weird band of misfits and want them to win. Every week its audience is growing.

This week I got to write and perform a special episode all to myself, with the tempting title of Message in the Ruins. So if you want to hear me as a 10,000 year old dwarf, a zombie librarian, and a mad mystic with peculiar accommodation needs, here's the link. Enjoy!

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